Festive treat for group of young carers at Christmas

Young Carers Christmas
Young Carers Christmas

While Christmas is meant to be one of the happiest and magical times of the year, for many under 18’s looking after a sick or disabled family member it can be one of the toughest as support services are reduced during this period and their parents are under greater financial stress.

Many young carers will be responsible for buying and cooking Christmas dinner, wrapping their own presents as their parents are too ill or disabled to do so and may even have to go without any presents at all. To help bring a little Christmas magic, volunteers at the Eastbourne Young Carers Club held a Christmas celebration for 16 young carers.

The youngsters also played party games and received a small gift, donated by Dr Sheena Ashby and Terry Furness from Eastbourne.

Jennifer Twist, CEO at Care for the Carers, said, “This should be a happy time and, thanks to the kind hearts of the people who donated gifts and the hard work and support of our volunteers, I’m proud that Care for the Carers were able to bring a little happiness to some young carers Christmas’”

Care for the Carers helps families to get support in order to reduce young carers’ responsibilities. As well as clubs and activities, young people can speak to a support worker about any worries or problems. The charity is seeking support from the local community to maintain clubs, activities and schools work – if you can help, or if you are an unpaid carer, you can find out more at www.cftc.org.uk or by calling 738390.