Female driver a soft target

AN ITEM in your issue dated October 14 did nothing to bring harmony to my blood pressure.

It concerned a 39-year-old female motorist who was (to quote your article) “caught out by the police who used a device which showed that she had been travelling at 45mph in a 30mph zone”.

In light of this gravely serious offence against the community, to which the lady pleaded guilty by post, “magistrates discussed the case” and decided she should be fined a total of £300 and have four penalty points be put on her licence.

This is unconscionable. I daresay that had this have been a serial young car thief hoofing yet another stolen vehicle past several cameras and other speed traps, the readiness to punish would not have been anywhere near as enthusiastic from both police and the courts.

This is just a further example of soft targets being clobbered to bolster both police figures and public coffers, whilst career criminals are given a light touch, lest they prove “difficult”.

This driver’s punishment is ludicrously high and I would urge the lady (whom I don’t know at all) to appeal against its severity.


Selmeston Road