Father’s anger over killer’s complaint

Alex Vaill
Alex Vaill

AN EASTBOURNE father has spoken of his anger after his son’s killer complained about being sent to jail again for assault.

Terry Vaill, of Carew Road, lost his 23-year-old son Alex, in 1993, when Graham Langley attacked him in the High Street, Sutton, because he refused to give him one of his chips.

Langley served four years for manslaughter but is now back behind bars for causing grievous bodily harm with intent in the same street. He recently wrote a letter from his prison cell which was published in the Sutton Guardian.

In the letter, Langley complains his sentence for breaking a man’s cheekbone in February last year is too stiff. The 39-year-old was given an indeterminate sentence for public protection which means he may serve longer for the assault than he did for taking Alex’s life. He will also spend at least ten years on licence.

But 70-year-old Terry is angry his son’s killer has been complaining. He said, “I was astounded when I read his letter.

“This man has the cheek of the devil and I am extremely annoyed, as are all the family.”

Langley’s letter to his local paper in Sutton said he was not a violent or aggressive man and added, “Is it fair that in 1993 a respectable man lost his life having an argument in a moment of madness, for which I was sentenced to five years? I was released in four.

“Is it fair that I have now been sentenced to an indeterminate sentence for supposedly fracturing another man’s cheekbone?

“I am more than sure though that myself, my partner and my family, Mr Vaill’s family and friends do NOT find this fair in any way.”

Terry Vaill said, “He is speaking as if he is my best friend. How does he know what I feel.

“I actually feel that he is a moronic waste of space and I hope he will spend the rest of his miserable existence in prison.”

Mr Vaill also said he was surprised Langley hadn’t been back to prison before now for committing another offence.

He said, “He is trouble and if he is released from prison he is going to do it to someone else.

“Had we had hanging, he should have been hanged for killing Alex.”

Mr Vaill, who fought to have Langley’s five year manslaughter sentence increased, says he will now raise the issue of Langley’s offending with Eastbourne MP Stephen Lloyd.