Father and son rescued by kayakers near Eastbourne

Kayakers rescued a father and son cut off by the tide on a beach near Eastbourne.

Thursday, 27th May 2021, 4:27 pm

The Cuckmere Valley Canoe Club members were out around Seven Sisters cliffs on May 2 when they came across the stranded duo as high tide approached. The walkers had become cut off by the rising tide.

The kayakers made a raft using a kayak and paddleboard, which allowed them to tow the walkers to safety.

If the kayakers had not been there the father and son would have ended up in the water and rescue services would have had to have been called.

A father and son being rescued by local kayakers from Cuckmere Valley Canoe Club. SUS-210527-113855001

The kayakers also had to advise two other sets of walkers to return to Birling Gap before getting cut off by the tide later that day.

The coastguard thanked the kayakers for their work.

The RNLI has warned people of the dangers of walking near the cliffs and beaches below, not only of getting cut off by rising tides, but also cliff falls.

The RNLI also reminded people that the sea temperature is still under 10.

A statement from the RNLI said, “Walkers are reminded to check tide times and allow plenty of time to walk to safety on an incoming tide. The reduced beach depth is also a hazard as it forces the walkers to be directly below unstable cliff falls.”