Fatberg: who are you gonna call?

The fatberg
The fatberg

An Eastbourne company has saved a London street from a raw sewage flood by removing a fatberg the size of a bus and made the news across the world for its efforts.

CountyClean Environmental Services Ltd, a local company based a Chilley Farm out on the Pevensey Levels, has cleared the biggest fatberg ever seen on camera.

Following a CCTV survey, which shows the huge blockage in the main sewer below Kingston High Street, CountyClean set to work with its latest hi-tech tanker to tackle the work and save the streets and surrounding homes and businesses from flooding with raw sewage.

Graeme Sanderson from CountyClean said the huge lump of fat was the biggest accumulation in a sewer the company has ever seen and was caused by residents and businesses disposing of fat and debris down sinks and drains. The putrid blockage was discovered when residents of nearby flats complained they could not flush their toilets.

The blockage, weighing 15 tonnes, was so large that the flow was reduced to just five per cent and threatened to flood local properties causing extensive damage at huge cost to repair.

CountyClean engineers and workers used a high-pressure jet hose to blast away the massive blockage but the size of the fatberg meant it took nearly two weeks to complete.

Graeme said, “Attached to the front of the hose is a stainless steel ‘bomb’.

“The equipment works by injecting fresh water backwards at very high pressure.

“This drives the head forwards through any blockages and up the brick sewer cleaning the brickwork and washing blockages backwards.”

Gordon Hailwood, Waste Contracts supervisor for Thames Water, said, it was probably the ‘biggest fatberg in British history’ and added, “While we’ve removed greater volumes of fat from under central London in the past, we’ve never seen a single, congealed lump of lard this big clogging our sewers before.”

Following removal of the blockage, the damaged sewer will take up to six weeks to repair.

The story of the fatberg has made the national news and has even been covered overseas. The interest in the fatberg is astonishing with nearly 68,000 viewing Graeme’s You Tube video.

People are now being urged to bag and bin fat after cooking.