FARE DEAL CAMPAIGN: Service to London Bridge ‘appalling’

Eastbourne Railway Station
Eastbourne Railway Station

One of the greatest problems for Eastbourne rail commuters has been improvement works at London Bridge which has wreaked havoc across the network.

As part of our Fare Deal campaign we are appealing to our readers to let us know how the train operators can improve their services.

The works at London Bridge have come up time and time again as the reason for delays in train services to and from Eastbourne.

Commuter Andrew Barber said, “I’ve been travelling from Eastbourne to London Bridge every weekday for the past 13 years. The works at London Bridge have really pushed what was already an at capacity service to breaking point. The service is truly appalling, with regular congestion at London Bridge, frequent cancellations and an overly busy concourse. On recent occasions the situation at London Bridge has been labelled as ‘life threatening’ by the RMT due to crush of people waiting to board trains. Yes, I choose to work in London, but I also pay nearly £5,000 for a season ticket. I would love to see your readers and fellow commuters get behind your campaign for a better rail service.”

Network Rail, and the train operators serving London Bridge station, said they are taking action. It includes increasing the number of staff at the station, better advanced warning for passengers on disruptions and changes to the timetable for a better flow of trains in and out of the station.

Phil Hufton, Network Rail’s new managing director of network operations, said, “I want to assure customers that we do take this situation seriously and Network Rail is committed to improving our performance by delivering improvements to deliver a safe environment for users of London Bridge hand in hand with meeting the level of train provision and customer service they rightly expect.”

But is this approach treating the symptoms rather than the cure? Let us know what you think. Call 01323 414483.