Fancy learning to dance with Long Man Morris dancers?

Long Man Morris men SUS-180130-145132001
Long Man Morris men SUS-180130-145132001

Need a bit of excitement to chase away those January blues?

Fancy a new skill that can be learnt in congenial company?

Why not take up Morris dancing?

The Long Man Morris Men are looking to recruit dancers for their summer dancing-out season that will start on Tuesday May 1.

The dancing-out season will take members around East Sussex and occasionally further afield as the group danced in Orléans, France, last May.

The Long Man Morris Men perform at a variety of pubs, festivals and weddings.

A spokesperson for the group said, “Apart from being enormous fun, Morris dancing helps keep your body fit and your mind nimble.

“Our annual subscription is considerably cheaper than gym membership and can produce much the same result.

“Long Man Morris Men hold weekly practices every Friday at St Mary’s Church Hall, Church Lane, Willingdon from 8pm-10pm. Please do not apply if physical exercise, visiting lots of different pubs, occasional foreign travel and vibrant British traditions hold no appeal for you.”

For more information, contact the group’s squire Mark Hardcastle on 07976886027 or e-mail

Morris dance is a form of folk dance usually accompanied by music and based on stepping and the execution of choreographed figures by a group of dancers often wearing bell pads on their shins.