Fancy a spell at witch’s flat?

Lucya Starza, Eastbourne witch
Lucya Starza, Eastbourne witch

A witch is offering people the chance to stay over in her seafront flat this Halloween – as long as they bring their own broomstick.

Lucya Starza, who lives in Sovereign Harbour has been practising the dark arts for 25 years and is inviting anyone who is brave enough (and will stump up the £78 price) to sleep over in her two-bedroom flat.

There she will given them an overview of Wicca – the term given to modern witchcraft – as well as an introduction to tarot cards, a reading of their own and even the chance to join in casting some spells.

The deal is being advertised online at site and Lucya is hopeful she can convince a few hardy souls to take up the Halloween challenge.

Speaking earlier this week the 52-year-old explained how she grew to love life as a witch. She said, “Getting into witchcraft was a gradual thing. I’d been a pagan for several years before I did any training in witchcraft.

“Some time later, a friend invited me along to a Wiccan coven. After training there for a year and a day – the traditional training period – I was initiated as a witch.

“What attracts me to Wicca is that it is a nature-based spiritual path. It involves doing seasonal celebrations, which I love.”

So what can guests really expect from a night with a witch?

“I’ll be around and can do tarot readings if they want. I can also answer their questions about witchcraft.

“If they want to try out a spell or two, I can show them how.

“Some people are curious to find out more about witchcraft, some think I’m a little eccentric, some regard it as just a normal religion – which it is.”