Family’s plea to help get Reuben vital treatment

Reuben, who suffers from ezcema and severe allergies
Reuben, who suffers from ezcema and severe allergies

A fundraising page has been set up to help a Hampden Park toddler get potentially life-saving hydrotherapy treatment in France later this year.

Two-year-old Reuben suffers from severe eczema and multiple life-threatening food and environment allergies, including dairy, eggs , all peanuts and tree nuts, coconut, peas, white beans, pulses and lentils, mustard seed, sesame, paprika, basil ,strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, washing powder, dogs, cats, trees and toothpaste.

The severity of the condition means Reuben is often in a lot of pain, with itchy and dry skin that’s prone to blistering and bleeding. He also suffers from asthma and can have an extreme allergic reaction to even the slightest traces of a wide array of substances.

His mum, Lara Collins, said, “Reuben requires round-the-clock care and constant supervision, meaning he can not enjoy normal childhood activities. He requires two, sometimes three baths a day and regular applications of cream – sometimes up to 30 times a day – as well as wet wrapping, paste dressing, daily bed washing , frequent clothing changes, hovering three times a day, including his mattress, and daily disinfecting his bed and toys .

“Reuben is mostly awake all night in pain and discomfort from his skin itching. Every outing needs careful planning and preparation, with a potential risk on his life every time we step outside. With only one safe antibiotic available for him to use and unable to use paracetamol or ibuprofen, it is difficult to keep him in full health.

“Despite all Reuben has been though, he is an extremely happy and vibrant character, who chats to almost anyone with a big, heartwarming grin.”

Reuben has been booked into a Hydrotherapy Centre in Avene, France in July/August, to undergo treatment that has been scientifically proven to reduce inflammation and provide a better, more manageable quality of life for sufferers. This treatment will help prepare Reuben to start a three-year course of immunosuppression, with the possibility of resetting his immune system.

While the NHS will fund Reuben’s treatment in France, the family still need thousands of pounds to travel to Avene to care for the toddler during his treatment. They must find temporary accommodation for three weeks near to the centre where they can cook homemade food, while also providing supervision for Lara’s daughter.

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