Family’s joy after autistic teenager’s cat comes home

Tealeaf the missing cat
Tealeaf the missing cat

The mother of an autistic teenager who was left devastated by the disappearance of his cat has spoken of her joy after the pet was found on the doorstep of the family home nine days after going missing.

Sharon Baily had appealed for anyone who may have spotted five-year-old Birman Tealeaf to get in touch. She said her son Kieran had been left devastated after he went missing from the home in Haystoun Close on Monday August 5.

Sharon believes someone may have taken him in and after reading the appeal in the Gazette last week brought the pet back.

She said, “He’s safe and sound and it’s brilliant really.”

“I believe if it hadn’t gone in the paper we wouldn’t have had him back. I think someone read it and drove up here.”

The Willingdon resident had put up posters, called vets and put an appeal on Facebook in a desperate bid to find the house cat, who has special dietary requirements.

The cat was bought for Kieran and Sharon said a lot of the communication with her son is through the cat.

Sharon, who was in the house when she noticed Tealeaf on the other side of the door, added, “We’re so grateful.

“Kieran is relieved. The two of them are inseparable.”