Family’s anger over ‘delay’ in treating injured youngster

Piers Whyman and Vicky Murphy with their children Maxwell (centre) and Joshua.  February 11th 2014 E06034Q
Piers Whyman and Vicky Murphy with their children Maxwell (centre) and Joshua. February 11th 2014 E06034Q

The parents of a four-year-old boy who was taken to hospital after cutting his head open have criticised the ‘delay in his treatment’.

Vicki Murphy and Piers Whyman travelled to three different hospitals after their son Maxwell Whyman was injured at around 8.45am at school and an ambulance was called.

The little one was taken to the Conquest Hospital in Hastings because service changes at the DGH mean ambulance staff have now been told to take children with certain injuries there instead of Eastbourne. Vicki said they were told the cut might be glued but it was too deep , so that afternoon they were informed he would need stitches which were attempted under local anaesthetic.

Vicki, of the North Harbour, said, “He was very distressed because of the all the waiting. He didn’t like it and so she stopped and said he had to be put out under general anaesthetic. We were annoyed with the whole situation. We were in the hospital all day and nothing had been resolved.”

The family were told they would have to go to Brighton the next day to have it stitched under general anaesthetic but, keen to see the injury treated as soon as possible, they went to the DGH A&E department but were told they could not be helped.

A spokesman for East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust said, “Maxwell was taken appropriately to Conquest Hospital A&E by the paramedics.

“In hospital he was seen by the maxillofacial specialists who were unable to stitch his wound under local anaesthetic as he was in distress. They dressed the wound appropriately and referred Maxwell to the on-call maxillofacial team at the Royal Alexandra in Brighton, a specialist children’s hospital, were he would get the most beneficial cosmetic results from stitching the wound under general anaesthetic.

“Not withstanding the changes made to children’s service back in May 2013 the nature of this injury may have resulted in Maxwell being treated by the on-call maxillofacial team in Brighton, if Brighton were the on-call that night.

“In East Sussex, the on-call maxillofacial service is shared between Brighton and Eastbourne. At the time of Maxwell’s injury the on-call team was, in any case, based in Brighton.”