Family of tragic Edna call for care inquiry


The family of an Eastbourne grandmother who died after alledgedly being starved and injured at a Surrey care home are campaigning for a judge-led inquiry.

The daughter of 89-year-old Edna Slann, wants an independent review into the care home system, which she said is in crisis.

Edna, who lived in Bridgemere Road with her husband Joe for 30 years, died on February 16. Relatives claimed she had been subjected to ‘cruel treatment’ and videoed her begging for food at Grantley Court in Sutton. She eventually died after contracting an infection.

Her daughter Linda Cackett said there was a whole host of ‘errors’, and claimed the CQC failed to publish a report which detailed failings at the care home, which closed in December. What’s more, Linda claims the local authority placed Edna in the home even after it had seen the CQC report which identified concerns.

“There were errors all the way through,” said Linda. “We have launched this petition as the more involved we got, we realised you can’t just blame the owner of the care home or the CQC, the whole care system is in crisis.”

Edna stayed in the home from June until September, but was moved to another home for end-of-life care after the family thought the treatment was not adequate. The family said she had lost a significant amount of weight, suffered bruising, a mystery head injury, and life-threatening infection at the home.

Relatives released a video of Edna begging for food at the home, and she was heard to say, “I’m starving – they keep you starving in here. I just want a cup of tea. Have you got anything to eat?”

Edna’s family believe she would still be alive if it wasn’t for the ‘poor care’ she received at Grantley Court.

Edna moved from Eastbourne to Surrey to be closer to her family in 2007, after her husband’s death.

She lived independently for several years, but was taken into the care home when she could no longer support herself. Edna had suffered from arthritis and was soon diagnosed with dementia.

She moved into Grantley Court in June, but her relatives said it wasn’t long before her health deteriorated. She eventually contracted an infection and doctors gave her weeks to live.

“How many more of our loved ones will suffer neglect or abuse in care homes and nursing homes before something is done?” said Linda.

“Local authorities are placing our vulnerable relatives into sub-standard homes because they are the cheapest which makes it impossible for these homes to provide the level of service required. How many more people will die or suffer before something is done?

“I would like a judge-led enquiry into care home neglect and abuse and the failings of the system to protect these vulnerable people.”

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