Family join Ethel’s 100th birthday celebrations

David Sheppeard with his 100 year old mother Ethel Sheppeard
David Sheppeard with his 100 year old mother Ethel Sheppeard

AN EASTBOURNE mother-of-two celebrated her 100th birthday with family and friends.

Former Greater London Council clerical officer Ethel Sheppeard held a party at Ravelston Grange care home in Denton Road for residents and family. The day after she attended a lunch at the Hydro Hotel in her honour.

Daughter Camilla Sheppeard said, “She came to Eastbourne 15 years ago and enjoys the town and the beautiful coast and countryside.”

Mrs Sheppeard, the youngest of 15 children, was born in Wiltshire on February 25, 1911. She married Welsh school master Kenneth in 1935 and the couple had two children together – Camilla and David.

They lived in Weymouth until the beginning of the Second World War when Kenneth’s services as a wood and metal teacher were called on by aircraft manufacturer Westland Aircraft in Somerset.

When her husband died of a stroke in 1959, Mrs Sheppeard moved to Reading to be with her daughter.

She commuted to GLC offices in Lambeth every week for 11 years and says it was one of the most exciting times in her life.

“She loved the views of the Thames and the houses of parliament from her office window,” said Ms Sheppeard.

Mrs Sheppeard has three grandchildren.