Family issues plea over lost presents

A FAMILY whose Christmas presents fell from their van are hoping the person who found them will hand them in to the police.

The gifts, which included a Kindle and a plated Christmas dinner, were lost in the Langney area at around 8pm on Christmas Day.

Johanna Wathen, whose brother was driving the van when the presents fell out, says she now feels there is a lack of ‘Christmas spirit and basic human decency’ in the town.

Johanna’s brother had been driving for around five minutes it became apparent the side door to his work van had come open.

When they checked all of Johanna’s mother’s Christmas presents had fallen out.

Johanna said, “They retraced their route to my brother’s house and found where they had turned right from The Rising out on to Langney Rise.

“Items were scattered over the road and verge, including the remains of my plated up Christmas dinner which they had saved for me as I had worked 12 hours that day and missed the festivities.

“After spending a few minutes collecting up the items and clearing the debris it became obvious that, although most items were accounted for, the Kindle my brother had brought my mother for Christmas was missing.

“It had taken no more than five minutes between realising what had happened and them returning to the area for someone to have come along and taken it.

“They left the items of lesser value behind with no thought for how upsetting that would be for my mother on Christmas Day, when it must have been apparent from the mess left on the road some accident had occurred and that they were clearly looking at someone’s gifts.

“Did they not stop to think that someone would return to find them?”

Both Johanna’s brother and mother feel guilty and annoyed they did not double check the side door.

The loss of the Kindle has been reported to the police and the family is now hoping whoever found it will hand it in.

It was boxed and contained the receipt and three year warranty.