Family homes for Langney

TWENTY-EIGHT new family homes have been given the green light for the Langney area.

Eastbourne Borough Council’s planning committee approved plans for 11 new three bedroom homes at Bathford Close and 17 for Sorrel Drive. However, they deferred their decision on 11 three bedroom houses at Appledore Close because they felt better parking provision was needed and councillors also wanted a patch of green space to be retained instead of built on.

All three schemes are in different parts of Langney and the plans are being put forward by Amicus Horizon and are all based on the same design. In each case the existing sheltered housing accommodation, which consists of bed sits and flats for pensioners, will be demolished.

Lonford Court in Bathford Close and Avon Court in Sorrel Drive will both be knocked down to make way for the new family homes.It is hoped Killkenny Court in Appledore Close will also be demolished and replaced with a similar scheme but councillors want to see the amenity space opposite the homes in Appledore Close retained and additional parking spaces provided as part of the development. The council suggested Amicus Horizon reduce the homes on that site from 11 to nine and resubmit the planning application.

Cllr Alan Shuttleworth, who attended the meeting to speak about his concerns on the Appledore Close development, said, “I welcome the decision of the planning committee to defer this application.

“The proposals placed two houses on amenity land too close to existing properties, and would have led to a loss of amenity space for local residents.

“We need family houses but we also need to ensure we provide adequate parking provision.”

Despite the deferral on Appledore Close, the Sorrel Drive and Bathford Close plans received high praise from councillors on the planning committee as they approved the housing developments on Tuesday evening (August 8).

John Ungar, chair of the planning committee, said more family homes was what the town needed.

He said, “I think it is absolutely brilliant and forward thinking from the council here.

“We have done a great job tonight in providing homes for people who really need them.”

Cllr Ungar also said he felt the Bathford Close site was ‘an ideal place for family houses’.

Councillors praised the Sorrel Drive site, because each property on the plot will have its own private garden to the rear and a parking space at the front of the house.

Cllr Jon Harris said the plans for Sorrel Drive had a ‘natural feel’ and added, “It feels like there is some ground space built in and it looks like a very nice place to live.”