Families of blast victims ‘yet to receive a penny’

THE EASTBOURNE family of a woman killed in a bomb blast in Sharm el Sheikh almost six years ago is still waiting for compensation.

John and Angela Corke’s daughter Annalie Vickers died in the terrorist attack in Egypt and since then the couple have been fighting for compensation for British victims of terrorism abroad.

They and other families who lost loved ones achieved a change in legislation in 2010, but were devastated to hear the new coalition government has called for a review on the payouts.

In the meantime none of the families has received a penny.

An adjournment debate was heard in the House of Commons on Tuesday which was attended by Mr and Mrs Corke who now have the support of Eastbourne MP Stephen Lloyd.

Mr Lloyd asked minister Crispin Blunt to put what he called a “dreadful injustice” right.He said, “British citizens who were victims of attacks from Bali to Sharm el Sheikh have yet to receive a penny, and I hope Mr Blunt will soon put that dreadful injustice right.”

Mr Corke said, “British citizens attacked by terrorists in the UK receive compensation from the government, like other victims of serious crime.

“But British citizens attacked by terrorists overseas do not receive compensation.

“In the vast majority of cases neither travel insurers, nor the government of the country where a terrorist attack has occurred, will compensate British victims. We have been campaigning to close this loophole for the past six years and seeking equal treatment for all British victims of terrorism.

“In April 2010 the previous government passed legislation to set up a compensation scheme for British victims of any future terror attack abroad but the Ministry of Justice has not made these payments.”

Mr Blunt said during the debate, “This is a difficult and emotive issue. Since the government spending review settlement, the Ministry of Justice has been reviewing the services available to victims, witnesses and their families.

“We are also considering afresh proposals for the introduction of schemes to compensate eligible victims of terrorism overseas.

“We expect to be able to make an announcement before the summer recess.”