Families miss Easter films as cinema floods

Cineworld Eastbourne
Cineworld Eastbourne

Flooding at Cineworld in Sovereign Harbour left families bereft, as many were unable to watch their Easter films.

Families turned up to the cinema on Wednesday morning, only to find the showings for some films were cancelled because of flooding. Mum-of-two Rosie Libatter, was set to see Penguins of Madagascar, with her sons, aged seven and ten.

It was really badly handled ... a lot of people were standing around looking confused

“It was really badly handled,” she said. “I had pre-booked my tickets so I went to the machine and it said ‘booking not found’. A lot of people were standing around looking confused. They should have had a sign up or a manager out there.”

Eventually, a manager appeared and explained the situation. Disappointed families were given their money back for tickets and sent home.

Another cinema-goer took to Twitter after the screens were closed, leaving her grandson ‘disappointed’.

However a Cineworld spokesman said, “Following a routine clean of the cinema screen last night, Cineworld Eastbourne has closed three screens today. All customers were offered the option to switch cinema screens to watch the scheduled films, as well as given complimentary tickets.”

But Rosie said, “We were unable to watch the film we had booked. Tinkerbell was offered but the boys were appalled. And we were only given complimentary tickets because I asked.”