Falklands veterans head for Eastbourne for 30-year reunion

HMS Glasgow
HMS Glasgow

VETERANS who sailed on board HMS Glasgow during the Falklands War are coming to Eastbourne for a reunion 30 years after it was bombed.

The ship was the first into the war zone during the conflict and, having been stationed off Port Stanley, managed to survive being bombed by the Argentinian forces.

On the morning of May 12 in 1982 HMS Glasgow shelled targets on the shore and was subsequently attacked by a squadron of eight Skyhawk fighter planes.

During the attack, a bomb passed straight through the ship’s engine room but miraculously failed to hit anything vital or explode – meaning hundreds of lives were saved.

To mark the 30th anniversary of the war, many of those sailors who rode their luck back on that May 12 morning will be at the Haddon Hotel in Eastbourne on Saturday, April 21.

They will gather at the Devonshire Place Hotel in the evening and anyone who would like more information should contact the organiser on 02392 257033.