Facebook group backs Eastbourne lighthouse paint campaign

Beachy Head Lighthouse
Beachy Head Lighthouse

A CAMPAIGN group has been set up to keep the Beachy Head Lighthouse’s stripes.

More than 2,000 people have joined the group on the social networking site Facebook called Keep the Beachy Head Lighthouse’s Stripes.

Last month it was revealed Trinity House, which owns the iconic building, cannot afford to maintain its red and white appearance.

The organisation says it will continue to maintain the light at the top but says the lighthouse is no longer required to act as a daymark, the reason for its red and white appearance, and it plans to let it return to its natural granite colour.

A spokesperson at Trinity House said, “Unfortunately as a ‘user pays’ organisation we cannot justify the expenditure on maintaining the current red and white appearance.”

The Facebook group, which previously launched a campaign to keep the light at the top of the light tower, has weatherman and Eastbourne resident Michael Fish among its supporters.

Mr Fish said, “Repaint it now before it gets worse and costs even more. Use the Forth Bridge style paint which is guaranteed for at least 25 years.”

Fellow supporter Isabel King said, “I know that seafarers use electronics for navigating these days but we all know that they go wrong sometimes and when they do how are they going to see a grey lighthouse against a chalk cliff?”

Gary Powell said, “What’s the country coming to when all our bits of history are no longer worth keeping?

“It’s about time we stood against the pen pushers hiding in their windowless rooms telling us what we can save and what not.”

Helen Warren said, “It’s iconic and should be maintained red and white stripes.”

Other supporters of the group have suggested applying for Lottery funding to help towards the cost of repainting.

Eastbourne Borough Council says it is powerless to intervene over the future appearance of the lighthouse.

A spokesperson said, “The ownership and liability for the upkeep of the lighthouse is with Trinity House Lighthouse Service not Eastbourne Borough Council.”