Extra cut on way for overgrown grass verges

LONG grass across the Eastbourne area is on the verge of being given an extra cut because extra rain has caused unprecedented growth.

The council’s staff usually cut verges in urban areas five times a year and those in rural areas twice.

But after the UK’s wettest June since records began, the area’s verges have grown at a rapid rate.

This season’s first cut finished recently and the local authority has already started its second cut. The third, extra, cut will start in mid-September.

Each cut covers 2,700km of grass verge and takes around 40 days to complete.

Councillor Carl Maynard said, “The extent of the savings we’ve had to make in the last couple of years has been widely publicised and you will appreciate we have to spend our money where it’s most needed.

“Unfortunately this is one area that has been affected, and it is extremely difficult to cut grass only twice a year and for it to look neat and tidy. But I’m pleased to be able to respond to residents’ concerns by introducing this extra cut in the autumn.”