Explore history with series of curator talks

Eastbourne Redoubt SUS-150225-152530001
Eastbourne Redoubt SUS-150225-152530001

The Redoubt Fortress has announced the launch of its ‘Carry on Curator’ season with a hands-on interactive talk reflecting on 100 years since gas was first used in warfare.

Brand new for 2015, the new series of engaging curator talks will cover topics from warfare weaponry and front-line medical treatments to the discovery of treasure.

In a year filled with many historical commemorations, the talks will run throughout 2015 and will enhance visitors’ understanding of the captivating collections at the Redoubt.

In a series of seven hands-on and informal talks, visitors can meet the collection curator Damian Etherington, handle and explore objects not normally accessible to the public and discover their story.

The series started on March 31 with ‘Carry on Curator – “Gas! Gas! Quick, boys!”, which related to an exhibition marking 100 years since gas was first used in warfare at the Second Battle of Ypres during the First World War in April 1915. During this event, the curator explored the development of gas warfare from 1914–1999, giving visitors the opportunity to learn more through informal discussion and object handling.

‘Carry on Curator - “If I fail, he dies!”’ on April 7 will give visitors an opportunity to learn about some of the many medical artefacts and objects in the Redoubt’s archive, including pioneering medical treatments used at Eastbourne ‘Summerdown Camp’, the First World War convalescent camp which celebrates its 100th anniversary since opening in 1915.

Eastbourne Borough Council senior head of tourism and enterprise, Philip Evans, said, “There is so much history behind the objects and artefacts which the Redoubt curator chooses to exhibit each year, and this series of interactive talks will give people a better understanding of the story behind many of these fascinating objects. With curator talks based on different themes spread across the year, there will be something to interest all history enthusiasts”.

With more ‘Carry on Curator’ talks to look forward to throughout the year such as; “The machine-guns chuckled tut-tut!”, “Seaward ho! Hang the treasure!” and “How many hours in Spits?” the series of interactive talks is set to be intriguing for all keen history learners.

Admission to ‘Carry on Curator’ talks are included within the museum entrance fee, however early booking for all events is advisable. For more information visit www.eastbourne