Excavation may unearth tales of Pococks’ past

EASTBOURNE Museum Service is preparing for an exciting year in 2012 with plans for a ground-breaking project to discover more about Eastbourne’s ancestors – including its second annual community dig.

This year’s community excavation will take place on land formerly known as Pococks on the Rodmill Estate, between Burton Road and Kings Drive.

The Museum Service hope to find out more about the site, which was believed to have once been a medieval manor house.

The dig will take place from July 14 to August 12 as part of the CBA Festival of Archaeology in association with Eastbourne Natural History and Archaeological Society.

Organisers are calling for volunteers to sign up to take part in the excavation and try to establish whether this could have been the ‘Great House’ of the lost Manor of Radmeld-Beverington.

Councillor Neil Stanley said, “We are thrilled to be putting out a call for volunteers for our second annual excavation following a successful inaugural community dig last year.

“This year’s site should offer a real insight into the lives of those who once lived in Eastbourne.

“With a bigger Eastbourne Ancestors project being planned, the findings of this summer’s excavation should offer further evidence about the history of those who lived and worked in the town hundreds of years ago.”

This year’s excavation will take place on land, which was once the site of a building of apparent medieval origins that was later subdivided and given the name Pococks Cottages.

The building was demolished in 1964 during the building of the Rodmill Estate, but map evidence and parch marks reveal that the foundations should be located on a green swathe of land between the housing.

The excavation will try to identify the origins of the buildings and discover traces of the people who once lived there.

The Museum Service hope to uncover some rubbish pits at the rear of the building, which should provide a valuable insight into the social status and lifestyle of the former occupants.

Volunteers are invited to sign up now to take part in the excavation..

For more information call museum officer Jo Seaman on 415396 or email localhistory@eastbourne.gov.uk.