Ex-military social club meeting fixed

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A NEW social club for ex-military personnel will hold its first meeting later this month.

Ben Mead, 32, returned home from Afghanistan in February and is now setting up a group for like-minded people to socialise, support each other and share experiences.

Ben came back home to Eastbourne after the helicopter he was flying in was nearly taken down.

He spent nine years in the Army and saw action in Iraq in 2003 and Kosovo in 2006.

Last week the Herald featured his hopes to set up a social club called Military Roots and now more than 30 people have shown an interest.

Ben said, “I also know from personal experience that it is so hard to talk and relate to people.

“Often they just don’t understand the sense of humour.

“It can make people feel very isolated.”

Ben says he came up with the idea of creating a new social group while out in Afghanistan and found out there were many people of varying ages in and around Eastbourne who had served in conflicts.

It seems others in Eastbourne feel the same as Ben and he is pleased with the interest his idea has generated.

As a result he has arranged the first meeting for Wednesday, September 26.

It will take place at 7pm and will be held at the Royal Naval Club in Beach Road.

For more information or to join the club email Ben at meadie0815@gmail.com