‘Everyone loved Ricky - he was so addictive’

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Nearly 400 people attended the funeral of a popular 21-year-old man who lost his battle with cancer last week.

Ricky Deb died in the early hours of Thursday morning (November 15) and his funeral was held at Eastbourne Crematorium the next day.

Hundreds of Ricky’s friends joined his family for the service.

Around 40 people also gathered at Eastbourne DGH to say goodbye to their friend on Wednesday night.

Vicky Deb, Ricky’s brother, said, “It was overwhelming to see so many people.”

Ricky, a former Causeway School pupil who lived with his family in Shinewater, had many friends in the area and has been described as a ‘star of the community’ by a local councillor.

Cllr Harun Miah paid tribute to Ricky and said, “He was just so open and so sociable.

“Everyone loved him and he always had a smile on his face. I think he was like nicotine - he was so addictive. If you spent half an hour with him, you would be addicted.”

Vicky added, “He fought the cancer and it showed how strong it was.”

Ricky found out he only had about six weeks to live but he didn’t tell any of his friends.

Chris Burton, a school friend of Ricky, said, “He was a soldier and he was always smiling. If you met him for half an hour you would want to be his friend.”

Michael Maclean, another school friend, added, “ He never wanted to worry anyone. If you asked him how he was, he would say he was alright and ask you how you were.”

His many friends marched a mile through Shinewater on Friday after the funeral, they sang as they walked and then laid flowers in Shinewater Park in memory of Ricky.

Ricky also leaves his mum Sankari, his father Fullen, his aunty Lovely, cousin Shrya, uncle Rocks and his girlfriend of three years Laura Carlton.

Friends and family have set up a charity called ‘In Ricky We Trust’ to raise £1,500 for a bench in Shinewater Park .