“Even in wake of a tragedy the community came together”

Generic images from Sussex Police
Generic images from Sussex Police

As we reach the height of summer and I put pen to paper it is only right that I start by acknowledging that we have as a community, faced some challenges.

In particular, this has been a unique and difficult time for people that live and work in Seaside Road, and our thoughts are with the family and friends of Lee Molineau who tragically lost his life after being assaulted on the evening of Wednesday, July 24.

There is clearly a sense of sadness in the aftermath of recent weeks, but there is also a sense of pride and coming together.

I witnessed this myself on the night of the seven day anniversary of the assault on Lee.

I was proud of how ardent the community was in their support of efforts to find those who have committed this crime.

The investigation is progressing well and further updates will follow.

My thoughts are also with the family and friends of Chris Poole as the anniversary of his death approaches.

The fragility of life is clear to see in both incidents and yet never ceases to amaze me that some people continue to think that they can simply use their fists with impunity and without consequence.

The impact however is all to clear and marked on family, friends and communities. It should be clear to all that there are consequences to such actions.

As temperatures have soared, the town has seen a healthy influx of visitors. It is likely that this will reach a peak this week when Eastbourne hosts the popular Airbourne event.

With the good weather, we have also seen a rise in some high profile crime which may cause you to fear an increase in crime.

I would like to reassure you that the general direction of reported crimes continues to show a decrease.

This is in the context of the Community Safety Partnership working to increase the reporting of both serious sexual offences and domestic abuse.

The reporting of both has risen, demonstrating that we are going in the right direction to encourage victims of such serious crimes to have the confidence to come forward.

I must warn you at this time that we are working on a series of creeper style burglaries in and around the town centre.

The offenders are getting in through windows and doors that have been left open or insecure; I know its difficult in this heat to keep all the windows shut but please do shut as many as possible and make sure your doors are locked.

If you hear or see any suspicious activity in your home at any time of the day or indeed, your neighbour’s home, please call 999 immediately.

We continue to assess the information we gleaned during our recent high profile drugs operation that you may have seen in the media.

This operation was as a direct result of information from you.

If you have any information about drugs or any criminality please make sure you tell us. Contact your local officer or the independent organisation Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

We will always further research the information provided and act if there is enough for us to pursue at the time we perceive we have the best opportunity to make it a success.

So please don’t get frustrated if you supply information and we don’t act on it immediately.

In concert with the local authority we are currently working to disrupt two separate local crime groups in the town who are supplying drugs and affecting the quality of life of us all.

So the more information the better we will be informed to act.

Dealing with anti social behaviour is also very important to us.

Officers are busy enforcing the Dispersal Order in the town centre and along the seafront in an effort to reduce the number of calls to police of troublesome groups.

Operation Blitz is also specifically run to assist fast time with issues, currently on Friday and Saturday nights across the whole of Eastbourne.

The more we can spread the word about this operation, the greater impact we can have on the quality of lives of those blighted by anti social behaviour.

To join the scheme contact your local PCSO who will furnish you with the full details and an information pack.

For all that it is important to say that Eastbourne is a very safe place to live, work and visit. The risk of crime for both residents and visitors is very low.

Working together we can keep it that way.

Enjoy the fine weather and remember to report anything suspicious to police.

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