WRAS save swan from busy Lottbridge Drove

Swan rescued from Lottbridge Drove SUS-141230-154329001
Swan rescued from Lottbridge Drove SUS-141230-154329001

A wildlife charity has been kept on its toes over the festive period with a variety of call-outs and casualties, including a number of serious incidents.

The East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service attended a wide variety of incidents, from a limping fox to wood pigeons hit by a car.

At 2am on Christmas Day, an ambulance was called out to an injured fox in Eastbourne but the animal was found to very mobile, despite a small limp, and not in need of rescuing,

It wasn’t such good news for two wood pigeons, which had both been hit by cars in Polegate. One was hit twice in quick succession before a kind motorist stopped and helped the pigeon. Sadly, both pigeons were suffering from severe injuries that proved to be fatal.

An emergency ambulance rushed out to a swan that had been found walking alongside the dual carriageway on Lottbridge Drove in Eastbourne. A member of the public waited with her until WRAS rescuers arrived. The swan was swiftly rescued and transported to WRAS’s Casualty Centre. She was found to have three leeches stuck around her eyelids. She was bedded down for the night and checked over the following day and declared suitable for release.

Trevor Weeks MBE, founder of East Sussex WRAS, said,“This year has not been busier, but the types of calls have been more severe and time consuming than normal.

“Our centre operates 365 days of the year and I would like to thank all our volunteers and staff for working so hard.”

Anyone wanting to help support WRAS can make a donation by calling 01825-873003 or by visiting www.wildlifeambulance.org.