Wind farm group stall gets plenty of support

Shepham Windfarm supporters in Hailsham
Shepham Windfarm supporters in Hailsham

WIND farm supporters have formed a new campaign group for the proposed Polegate wind farm.

The campaigners, who are calling the group Yes to Polegate Wind Farm, aim to show that there is plenty of support for the five wind turbines proposed at Shepham Lane.

A planning application has been lodged with Wealden District Council and a decision on the scheme is due to be made in the late spring or early summer.

There has been much opposition to the wind farm from local residents and parish and town councils in the area. The wind turbines will be taller than Big Ben and artist’s impressions have shown they will be visible on the horizon for miles around.

However, the scheme is receiving support and the group launched its campaign by meeting shoppers in Hailsham last weekend.

The supporters told the Herald passers-by were supportive of the scheme, which will provide clean energy for up to 6,900 homes.

Karen Stewart, a member of the group, said, “We were pleased that most residents we spoke to support this wind farm. We hope the council approves the scheme.

“Capturing energy from the wind will help wean us off expensive imported gas and oil in future.”

One resident who signed a letter of support was Amanda Gerham from Hailsham (pictured).

She said, “Wind farms are like modern art but produce power. What’s not to love about useful art?”

For more information about the support campaign visit or email

PICTURED: Shepham Windfarm supporters manning a stall in Hailsham