Upset continues over bungalows closure shock


A quadriplegic resident at the Chaseley Bungalows in Eastbourne, which are facing closure, fears for his future as his wife and dog will not be able to move to new accommodation with him.

Residents at the disability complex off Astaire Avenue have until the end of January next year to leave the bungalows which are being sold off because of a financial crisis.

They are all being offered the option of moving back to the main Chaseley building on the seafront.

But one resident, Graham Harwood, says that while he has been offered accommodation at Chaseley, he will not be able to take his wife Tanya and their dog Poppy.

In addition, Graham says he has spent thousands making the bungalow his home and is devastated he will have to leave it.

Graham, injured while on active service while serving as a Marine in Borneo at the age of 18, said, “They way we have been treated is appalling.

“We were just told the bungalows were closing, no explanation, no apology, nothing at all.

“We had no idea it was coming, and just before Christmas too.

“The management and trustees have run this place down and failed to address the financial situation each year.”

Sixty-nine-year-old Graham, who has been in his bungalow for almost five years, said, “Our last hope is that somebody will come forward and the bungalows will be bought by a private investor and run as a nursing home/disability complex.

“Nobody actually wants to go back to the main Chaseley building. We are all devastated.”

A spokesperson for the Chaseley Trust said, “The Chaseley Trust together with ESCC and other funders are in ongoing discussions with each individual to find an alternative service or other living arrangement as per the funding provision that each resident has in place.

“The option of transferring to the main Chaseley Home, where that is appropriate, has been made available to each resident, as well as exploring other more suitable options with ESCC and other funders. However, to respect the confidentiality of the residents, we cannot discuss the details of any individual cases. The trust is currently in ongoing discussions for the sale of the bungalow complex with a number of parties, including several operators from the care sector.”