Turbine plan would ‘benefit community’ headline in here

An artist's impression of how the wind turbines might look at  Shepham Lane
An artist's impression of how the wind turbines might look at Shepham Lane
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PLANS for wind turbines in Polegate have been submitted to Wealden District Council.

Galliford Try Renewables (GTR) has submitted an application for a five-turbine wind farm with a 126.25 metre tip height, instead of the originally proposed six-turbine scheme with 140 metre tip heights.

The plans for the proposed wind farm, on land north of the A27, either side of Shepham Lane, has been sent to Wealden District Council for permission.

Tom Porter, project developer at GTR, said, “The wind farm would bring a number of benefits to the local community, including employment opportunities for local businesses during the wind farm’s construction as well as a Community Benefit Fund.

“The fund, set up upon completion of the wind farm, would provide an annual sum of money from which a wide range of local community groups or projects could see financial benefit, and which would be run by local people.”

GTR carried out public consultations and local residents had mixed reactions to the plans.

Local residents raised concerns about the size of the turbines, which will tower on the horizon and be visible from miles.

Roger Hardman, a resident present at the consultation in Polegate, described how the turbines would be ‘incredibly big’ and said the visual impact would be ‘astounding’, but other residents described them as ‘beautiful’.

Some people at the public consultation in Polegate in the summer had reservations about the output and said they would prefer to see tidal or wave power used because it was more reliable.

However GTR says the wind farm would generate enough clean electricity to power 5,590 to 6,900 homes – which is around the combined number of households in Polegate and Westham. The wind farm would save 11,000 to 14,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions each year.

Details of the plans will be made available on Wealden District Council’s website once the application is processed.

A date for the planning committee to make a decision will also be published soon.