Stench keeps people from their gardens

Water treatment works Langney Point. June 1st 2011 E22043M
Water treatment works Langney Point. June 1st 2011 E22043M
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RESIDENTS are kicking up a stink about smelly water works in the town.

Home owners in Langney Point and the South Harbour cannot bear to sit in their gardens thanks to the wafting stench of raw human waste, according to a recent survey by Langney Point and St Anthony’s Neighbourhood Panel.

The odour from what has been dubbed ‘Fort Sewage’ in Prince William Parade, has forced home owners indoors when an onshore wind blows the stink into the residential area.

Chair of the neighbourhood panel Lori Cronin said, “People cannot even sit in their own back gardens and enjoy their gardens because the stench is that bad.”

She held a meeting with the water and sewage company this week to discuss the issue. A spokesperson for Southern Water explained that major multi-million pound works were being done to the 14-year-old Eastbourne Wastewater Treatment plant. The upheavals at the water works meant some odours could sometimes escape into the air without being treated. She said the company had put up signs and will be writing to affected residents to apologise for the smell.

“Eastbourne treatment works has a complex system of odour controls to ensure that any odours, which are an inevitable part of the treatment process, are effectively treated prior to being released to the environment. It is our priority when planning this work to ensure the system remains operational at all times and the risk of releasing odours is minimised.

“However, there have been occasions when odours have been released from the works while the improvement work is under way and we are sorry that customers have been affected by this. We want to reassure residents that we are working as quickly as we can to carry out the work to ensure any impact is minimal,” she said.

Work is expected to be complete by next summer.