SEAFORD: Tree wishes a reality for Seaford resident

The street party helped raise funds for the tree scheme
The street party helped raise funds for the tree scheme

A TEAM effort has helped realise a Seaford resident’s hopes of planting trees along her street.

Margery Diamand, who lives in Downsview Road, says over the years a number of trees have been lost to Dutch Elm disease.

She has been working alongside the Seaford tree wardens in a bid to see new ones planted in residential roads.

Now East Sussex County Council (ESCC) has agreed to allow planting or re-planting in residential streets with verges.

Mrs Diamand said the project will be funded by interested parties and she is keen to hear from people who would like to help with raising donations or who live in other streets where residents would like to plant trees.

A recent street party complete with stalls and games helped to raise enough to go buy four or five whitebeams for Downsview Road.

Mrs Diamand said, “Trees are wonderful, what I’m hoping is lots of people will think it will be nice to have trees. They must remember trees have a number of benefits.

“Keith Blackburn and Seaford’s tree wardens have been absolutely brilliant and really supportive. I wanted to acknowledge this and the support of Councillor Carolyn Lambert.”

The planting of the trees in Downsview Road will be seen as a pilot scheme and Mrs Diamand is hoping other streets in Seaford will come forward to plant or replant the foliage in their own road.

She is looking into putting in a bid to the Big Tree Plant campaign tor further funding.

A spokesman for the county council said, “We have agreed Mrs Diamand can plant new trees in the verge.

“We will ensure they are of a suitable variety and their planting does not interfere with any underground pipes or wires. The Seaford tree wardens will be helping with the planting.”

For more details call Mrs Diamand on 07947 040449 or email: