SEAFORD: Broken glass is found in children’s play park

Councillors Sarah McStravick, Ben Warren and Anthony White found the rubbish at Chalnvington Fields.
Councillors Sarah McStravick, Ben Warren and Anthony White found the rubbish at Chalnvington Fields.

BROKEN glass and metal piping have been found in and around a Seaford play area by concerned councillors.

Seaford Town Councillor Sarah McStravick told the Gazette a child had been cut by barbed wire in Chalvington Field.

She, along with Councillors Ben Warren and Anthony White, collected a box full of rubbish from the area which included metal piping and empty cans.

The trio have been in touch with Lewes District Council (LDC) about the matter which swung into action and arranged for rubbish to be removed from the area and is now increasing litter picking in the area.

Cllr McStravick said, “My fellow councillors and I are very concerned of the safety of local children in this play area.

“We are aware it is not finished and also aware contractors are meant to clear rubbish regularly.

“We are asking Chris Bibb from Lewes District Council to ensure the safety of local children and close the park until it is cleared, finished and made safe.”

LDC and its contractors have recently completed the first phrase of the construction, with more work planned to include planting, landscaping and additional play equipment for toddlers.

Andy Smith, Lead Councillor at Lewes District Council, said, “As soon as the district council became aware of the issues we arranged for rubbish and other material to be removed.

“We are also increasing the number of regular litter picks to daily rather than the present arrangement of three times a week.

“This is a fantastic play area that we want to see flourish with activity in the future.

“It’s a great asset for local children and will look even better when the planting and landscaping is complete.

“There will be an opportunity for residents and children to meet the parks staff at a “drop in” session later in the summer when all the works have been finished.

“We will publicise details on our website and in local press. We are continuing to work in partnership with Seaford Town Council and Sussex Police to make this a safe and valuable area for the community.”

On hearing the news Cllr Warren said, “When I initially visited the play area I was shocked to see so many items that could be dangerous for children.

“However, following my visit again on July 13 I am pleased that the area is safe and so many children are playing on their way home from school.”