Pupils can learn at twice the speed thanks to new connection

SCHOOLS across Eastbourne have had their broadband speeds doubled by East Sussex County Council.

The free upgrade means that all schools signed up on the council’s East Sussex Education Network are now enjoying improved internet service and faster broadband access.

The improvements follow negotiations between the council and its ICT network suppliers and means that primary schools have been upgraded from 2Mb to 4Mb and secondary schools from 10Mb to 20Mb. In some cases it has been upgraded to 30Mb.

The improvements were carried out remotely over the summer term with no impact on a school’s day-to-day operation of its internet connection.

Cllr Nick Bennett, East Sussex County Council’s Lead Member for Learning and School Effectiveness, said, “We all know how important technology and the internet have become in the modern world.

“This is especially true in schools where access to study materials, research information, and other tools is revolutionising the way pupils learn.

“Children are growing up with access to materials and information we never dreamed would be possible.

“It’s obviously vital that schools have a reliable and effective internet service and so I am delighted we have been able to negotiate this improvement for them and at no extra charge.”