Polegate recycling plant bid causes concern over lorries

A RECYCLING plant plan in Polegate has been met with strong objections by frustrated residents.

Colin Holloway of Haulaway Ltd in Apex Way, Hailsham, has put forward a proposal to set up an inert recycling operation for up to 45,000 tonnes of construction and demolition waste per year.

The firm is hoping to use the vacant Polegate Yard in Coldthorn Lane, which it has owned since 2010.

Residents in the nearby Summerhill Lane have raised concerns about the amount of lorries fighting accessing the site from the A22.

They say there is a blind bend to negotiate which will make it dangerous and they are also concerned about the amount of noise and pollution that will be involved.

Heather Rajaratnam, of Summerhill Lane, said lorries clogging up the road every 15 minutes would cause chaos.

The 34-year-old said, “The one issue affecting everybody using the A22 to Polegate route is going to be massive lorries holding up the road whilst turning into a very small country lane.

“We’re not just some local people moaning about lorries. It will affect everybody on the A22.”

A noise assessment made near Ms Rajaratnam’s home showed her home would be ‘significantly affected’ by noise levels from the development.

She said, “I am only about 150 metre away from the site and at the moment we consider this area to be rural.”

Ms Rajaratnam and fellow residents are hoping to arrange a public meeting about the plans is being arranged by the residents – venue and date to be announced.

Polegate Town Councillor Geoff Rowe has also raised his concerns about the plans.

A spokesperson for Haulaway Ltd said, “As a local company employing 33 local people and committed to recycling, we are devastated by the level of opposition we are encountering whilst trying to increase recycling levels and reduce landfilling.

“This Brownfield site currently has B8 and B2 planning permission and permission to be used as a concrete plant depot. It is 0.1 miles off the A22 and vehicles will access the site strictly from this main road, passing just one property with no objection to this proposal.

“We’re very surprised that opposition is being spearheaded by Town Cllr Geoff Rowe, who we believe should be more in touch with Government policies, and subsequently lives down the same road as this site.

“There is a lack of premises in this area with B2 planning permission hence why this site, only 1.8 miles from our Hailsham depot, is so important to our company as it will also enable us to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum.

“We have height and tonnage restrictions at our Transfer Station in Hailsham and we are being prevented from recycling and employing more people until we have a suitable premises available.”

The spokeswoman added, “If you believe in recycling please support our cause.”

This is the second time Haulaway has come up against opposition with its planning applications. Its plan for Flitching Quarry earlier in the year was withdrawn after strong opposition and a campaign by local residents.