Plans for solar panel come in for criticism

EASTBOURNE Conservatives have criticised the council’s plans to spend £12 million on installing solar panels for council houses and public buildings.

The council was planning to spend £18 million but that has now been reduced to £12 million.

But newly-elected Upperton councillor Annabelle West says now is not the time to be spending money.

Cllr West said, “Following pressure from the Conservative opposition, the figure of £18 million has now been reduced to £12 million, however, there are still doubts as to the true viability of the whole scheme.

“While we support the principle of solar power, with the economy as it is we don’t feel this is the time to spend £12 million on this scheme. It is £12 million which we don’t have and which the council would have to borrow and pay back over the next 25 years. It would seem that not all council stock would benefit and that a funding partner or private company may provide an income which can be used for the good of the whole community.”