Mums want answers over school places


Mums in Hailsham are concerned about the lack of school places after a primary school was turned down by the council.

Hailsham Primary School was set to open in September 2015, but the plans for the school were turned down by East Sussex County Council, which was also the applicant.

Mum Rosalynn Holbrook said she was worried, as her son is due to start school next year.

“What is going to happen to the education of children in Hailsham? East Sussex County Council has predicted a shortfall of 60 places in 2015.

“Half of the schools in Hailsham are failing. Are they going to put more strain on them?”

Rosalynn said the deadline to apply for primary school places is January 15.

“I’m not even sure if you can apply for this school,” she said.

But despite the fact the plans for the school were turned down, the academy sponsor set to run the school, Lilac Sky, has continued to hold open evenings for parents, and said the school will still open in September.

Residents of Ingrams Way, Sharon Clark and Karen Wheatly, said they disagreed with residents who objected to the school.

“We would rather have a school than flats or social housing,” said Sharon. “We’ve always known it was going to be a school. I just wish it had happened sooner.”

Another mum Helen Deehan has been working with Rosalynn to try and find out what the situation is with the school, but they said they have been given different answers.

However, East Sussex County Council told the Herald it plans to submit a fresh application for the site, taking into account the reasons given for refusal of the first proposal.

“In the meantime, it is important that the council continues to develop a range of options to accommodate the expected increase in demand for reception year places in the town,” said a council spokeswoman. “To do this we will continue to work closely with Lilac Sky Academy Trust, the DfE approved sponsor of the new school, to ensure that the best possible option is secured for the children and their families.”