Eastbourne volunteers set to clear beauty spot of plastic waste

A group of Eastbourne volunteers is asking for help cleaning up coastline this week.

Thursday, 7th January 2021, 10:06 am

BHASSEXPLORE is aiming to remove the build-up of plastic and synthetic materials around the coastline location of Cows Gap, just a mile from Eastbourne.

The clean-up will take place on January 8 and 9 with volunteers from BHASSEXPLORE around from 7.30am-4pm.

Organisers said, “Please come and enjoy some socially distanced sea air and beautiful scenery and give the environment an hour or two of your time with your green socks on and help us gather and remove this human made rubbish from the marine environment permanently.

BHASSEXPLORE SUS-210601-113525001

“It’s easy and fun and satisfying to play a part in cleaning this amazing place that is right on our doorstep. There is still so much down there to clean up and we need local support.”

Last year BHASSEXPLORE cleared seven tonnes of waste and hope to achieve the same again this year.

The group movement #greensockmovement has gone global now, with people cleaning up beauty spots all over the world.

The group said volunteers will be there both days with large rubbish bags for people to come and help.

BHASSEXPLORE SUS-210601-113515001

The council will collect the rubbish afterwards too.

Anyone wanting more information can find it at bhassexplore.com