Drought causes firefighters to cancel car wash

A CHARITY car wash due to be held in Eastbourne this month has been scrapped because of the current water shortage.

Firefighters at Eastbourne Fire Station in Whitley Road had planned a car wash on March 31 to raise money for a charity hike around the British Isles on scooters.

The team of firefighters are travelling 1,000 miles in four days to raise money for the Firefighters’ Charity and Clic Sargent which looks after young people with cancer and leukaemia.

The car wash would have raised cash for the charity hike but the team said it had been forced to cancel it because of drought warnings and forthcoming hosepipe bans.

Bob Newton, from Green Watch at the fire station, said, “Unfortunately, we have been advised water authorities do not support car wash events in March so we have therefore taken the decision to cancel our car wash planned for March 31.

“This is regrettable, but, I am sure, people will understand this decision is out of our hands and is mother nature.”

South East Water, which provides water in the area, said it was pleased the fire brigade had postponed the event.

A spokesperson said, “In the absence of any prolonged periods of rainfall to bring all our water resources back to normal for this time of year, we are having to plan prudently for restricting customers’ non-essential use of water by potentially banning the use of sprinklers and hosepipes.

“While we are not running out of water, if the situation does not dramatically improve within the next few weeks, we will need to put in place the drought measures which are set out in our drought plan.

“Those restrictions may need to come into force as early as the spring in order to protect public water supplies for the absolute essentials.

“Our customers continue to play their part and we are greatly encouraged by the fantastic response we’ve had to our public appeals to use water wisely, and not waste it.”

The firefighters’ next charity fundraiser is a Grand Open Day at the station on May 5.

They will also be out collecting outside Barclays Bank in Terminus Road on March 9.