Council’s eco-friendly homes are landmark development in town

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COUNCILLORS met with residents of Ratton Road to see some of the latest sustainable eco-friendly homes to be built in the town.

The properties were completed at the end of March and are built to Sustainable Homes Code Level 3, an environmental assessment which rates the overall sustainability and energy efficiency of a home.

Councillor Margaret Bannister, Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Housing and Community Development, said, “The site was previously occupied by two run-down Victorian houses.

“Thanks to this council-funded project and support from the Homes and Communities Agency, it is now home to new, modern energy-efficient properties all available on affordable rents.”

The development consists of six one-bed flats, six two-bed flats and four three-bed houses.

Tenants benefit from free daytime electricity, thanks to the installation of solar panels and lower energy bills generally due to the excellent home insulation.

Ratton Road resident Judith Ogden, 51, said, “I absolutely love it.

“I’m very happy here as I moved from a two-bedroom flat next to the station and my bedroom used to vibrate when the trains went past.

“It’s very peaceful here. The gardens are great and we enjoyed a barbecue there in the summer.

“I’ve got no complaints and think I’ll be here for a long time.”

The council has completed 18 additional flats and houses this year and is working in partnership with local housing associations to build a further 62 new affordable homes which will be completed over the next 12 months.