College aims to cut emissions

SUSSEX Downs College has announced it will be reducing its carbon emissions by 25 per cent running up to 2015/16.

The news comes as the college publishes its carbon management plan, which has been endorsed by the Carbon Trust.

Melanie Hunt, principal and chief executive, said, “Climate change is one of the most significant challenges facing mankind and carbon dioxide is one of the main contributing causes.

“We recognise the scale and speed of climate change and its potential adverse effect on our economy, environment and local community.

“Therefore, as a college, we are delighted to publish this Carbon Management Plan. Working with the Carbon Trust offers us a combination of support and expertise to help us reduce our energy use, whilst limiting our impact on the environment.

“As an integral part of our vision for the future, the college is committed to developing sustainable practices that will continue to demonstrate our commitment to reduce carbon emissions and remain efficient and effective in our operations.

“The college is thus setting itself a challenging carbon reduction plan which will not only help the environment, but also help with the management of our financial resources in these difficult economic times.”

Sussex Downs will achieve the savings by good housekeeping including improving metering and campaigns to change student and staff behaviour.

For example, a switch it off campaign will reinforce the need to turn off lights in empty rooms, turn off monitors and close windows.

Ms Hunt said, “During the past few months, we have improved insulation, replaced over 100 windows and installed two new energy efficient boiler systems.

“The college is also investigating voltage optimisation and power saving devices for all PC equipment.

“The next phase will be to install solar panels on Hammond House, which accommodates our engineering and electrical students.