An Eastbourne woman is running in animal shapes to save wildlife

An Eastbourne woman is running courses in the shape of animals to raise money for wildlife rescuers.

Wednesday, 11th March 2020, 4:46 pm
A bird, lizard, and snail

Leanne Pilbeam had to take a break from her London Marathon training due to a back injury, and decided to get creative.

She said, “I could only do short runs and was getting bored running around in circles, so I thought I would do something a bit different.”

The 36-year-old is taking on the world-famous marathon for East Sussex WRAS (Wildlife Rescue Ambulance Service).

Leanne Pilbeam is raising money for WRAS

So, she went on Google, and mapped out some unusual shapes.

Leanne said, “I thought I would try different wildlife creatures. Some of them you have to really use your imagination.”

So far she has completed the shapes of a bird, stag, lizard, and snail and logged them on tracking app Strava.

“If anyone wants to sponsor me that would be great,” said Leanne, a business owner based in Hailsham, “If people have suggestions I would be happy to do it for them.”

A bird

Next up this weekend she plans to take on a hedgehog, and says she has the perfect spot for a dog route.

See Leanne’s progress on her Facebook fundraising page called Leanne is running the London Marathon 2020 for East Sussex WRAS

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A snail
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