Emergency help brought in to address issues at Eastbourne school

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An emergency board has been brought in at an Eastbourne secondary school over “ongoing performance and attainment issues”.

The education authority today (Monday) confirmed that an Interim Executive Board has been put in place at Causeway School to help improve outcomes for pupils and replaces the existing governing body.

An East Sussex County Council spokesman said, “We have been working closely with the board of governors and the school leadership at Causeway School to improve the outcomes for pupils, but we all agree that greater support is needed and an Interim Executive Board has been put in place.

“It is not unusual for the governing body to identify a need for additional support and for local authorities to apply to the Department for Education for an Interim Executive Board to be created in schools where there are ongoing performance and attainment issues.

“The board, which replaces the governing body, is made up of education experts who can give the more specific support needed to bring about rapid improvement and secure better outcomes for pupils.

“The board also looks at how improvement can be maintained.

“Children don’t get a second chance to have an education and we are committed to giving every child the opportunity to reach their full potential.

“The support structure now in place will help us achieve this.”