Election 2015: Eastbourne Borough Counci has 115 candidates standing for election


Some 115 people have put nominations in to fight for a seat on Eastbourne Borough Council.

The whole of the council is up for election this year and on Thursday May 7 three councillors will be elected in each of the nine wards of Eastbourne – Devonshire, Ratton, Hampden Park, Old Town, Upperton, St Anthony’s, Langney, Sovereign and Meads.

The wards, parties and candidates are all listed in alphabetical order.

In Devonshire the candidates are:

Conservative – Simon Herbert, Steve Hobbs, James Hopkins.

Green – Alex Lea.

Independent – Keith Gell

Labour – Angela Bennett, Dave Brinson, Gerry Stonestreet.

Liberal Democrats – Margaret Bannister, Steve Holt, Steve Wallis.

UKIP – David Greenwood, Colin Horscroft, Bob Lacey.

In Hampden Park the candidates are:

Conservative – Simon Howe, Matthew Ireland, Tom Liddiard.

Green – Ivor Hueting

Independent – Dave Poole

Labour – Helen Key, Eleanor Lambert, Douglas Skelly

Liberal Democrats – Patricia Hearn, Jim Murray, Colin Swansborough.

UKIP – Paul Brown, Barry Wright.

In Langney the candidates are:

Conservative – Gloria Barker, Paul Gosling, Alex Richards.

Green – Pippa Oliphant.

Labour – Lee Comfort, Martin Howie, Roy Noble.

Liberal Democrats – Harun Miah, Alan Shuttleworth, Troy Tester.

UKIP – Ian Garbutt, Christopher Holloway.

In Meads the candidates are:

Conservative – Robert Smart, Kathy Smethers, Barry Taylor.

Green – Alexandra Hough

Labour – Lucette Davies, Lisa Gillette, Denis Scard.

Liberal Democrats – Andrew Callaghan, Jean Fisher, Rebecca Madell.

UKIP – Michael Dean, William Smith, Alan Thornton.

In Old Town the candidates are:

Conservative – Anne Angel, Graham Buchanan, Vivienne deHavilland-Gerraghty

Green – Rob Clarke

Labour and Co-operative – Jean Couture, Paul Richards, Sharon Wentworth.

Liberal Democrats – Janet Coles, Jonathan Dow, John Ungar.

UKIP – Robert Harper.

In Ratton the candidates are:

Conseravtive – Colin Belsey, Tony Freebody, Colin Murdoch.

Green – John Oliphant.

Labour – Anne Grigg, John Lambert, John Wentworth.

Liberal Democrats – Linda Beckmann, Roger Howarth, Daniel Neilson.

UKIP – David Alfred, Helen Hill, Brian McIntyre.

In St Anthony’s the candidates are:

Conservative – Robert Findon, Danielle Perry, Nicholas Ansell.

Green – Hugh Norris.

Labour – Alan Battrum, Ian Culshaw, Jacqueline Ferguson.

Liberal Democrats – Gill Mattock, Dean Sabri, David Tutt.

UKIP – Terence Grant, Jayne Palmer, Amanda Sheehan.

In Sovereign the candidates are:

Conservative – Raymond Blakeborough, Penny Di Cara, Gordon Jenkins.

Green – Robert Sier.

Labour – Richard Goude, Samantha Lyster, Sarah Richards.

Liberal Democrats – Barbara Leggett, Nick Maskelyne, Anthony Somers.

UKIP – Nicola Burton, Paul Keeble, Jean Spencer.

In Upperton the candidates are:

Conservative – Diane Mulkeirins, Adrian Platt, Annabelle West.

Green – Sally Boys.

Labour – Elizabeth Goude, Simon Millar, Matthew Quanstrom.

Liberal Democrats – Sammy Choudhury, Pat Rodohan, Margaret Salsbury.

UKIP – Charlotte Clifford, Clive Jennings, Rita Rolt.