Egyptian link for primary school staff

Ocklynge's Egypt visit
Ocklynge's Egypt visit

Four members of staff from Ocklynge Junior School have jetted off to visit their Year 5 link school in Cairo.

Exchange visits have been taking place since 2005 to give staff of both schools the opportunity to improve their understanding of the two countries being studied by the children.

The members of staff spent four days in Al Rehab School and took part in literacy, maths and science lessons.

Mrs Burke, Mrs Smith, Mrs Parfitt and Mrs Milsom all presented an assembly at the school to give the Egyptian children a better understanding of a day in the life of an Ocklynge child.

Recent unrest in Egypt appears to have been confined to Tahrir Square in the centre of Cairo well away from the link school Al Rehab which is situated an hour’s drive away.

The Ocklynge staff managed to speak to the Year 5 children directly by video link and were answering the children’s questions about the climate, religions and tourism of Egypt.

This international link allows both schools to exchange ideas and establish a greater understanding of the different cultures with learning enriched as real experiences are shared.

Headteacher Mark Trott said, “We put a high priority at Ocklynge on teaching the children about the world in which they live and the international links provide a huge stimulus for this work.

“This has been recognised by the school being awarded the British Council International School Award for the third time.

“The knowledge and skills the Ocklynge children learn from this work help to equip them for the ‘global’ world in which we live.”