Eggs and alcohol seized in Halloween crackdown in town

Alcohol and eggs were seized by police in Seaford during Halloween.

As well as seizing the booze and eggs on Wednesday October 31 police said a drunk female was returned home and a youth was spoken to after giving police a pistol sign as they past him and his friends. A tweet by Seaford NPT@Seaford_Police, who said it had been a ‘pro-active night in the town’ added that the lad in question was given ‘strong words of advice’.

Acting Seaford Sergeant Chris Wright said, “Any threat which would relate to fire arms is taken very seriously. I’m confident it was dealt with in a way to make the individual very much aware of that when he was given advice.

“That said I am keen to emphasise how the overwhelming proportion of youths seen by police throughout the evening were polite and respectful towards others within the community.”