Special guests make sure school area is hive of activity

Bees in a Hampden Park garden
Bees in a Hampden Park garden

PUPILS leaving an Eastbourne school on Monday could not bee-lieve their eyes as a swarm of honey makers forced them to take a detour.

Youngsters walking home from Ratton down Park Avenue were met by the sight of three pest control experts trying desperately to remove hundreds of bees from a local tree.

Passers-by were restricted to the other side of the road urged not to get too close.

This was the second bee swarm reported in recent days.

Last Thursday evening Alan Mead discovered an entire colony of them in his Hampden Park garden.

However, they had buzzed off by the time experts from Eastbourne Beekeepers Association could arrive to safely remove them.

Mr Mead, who captured the bees on camera in this picture, said, “It was quite a surprise finding them in our garden.

“I put a bit of honey down but they did not want it. The bee association told me they would already be stocked up.

“I don’t know where they went but they left a few straggler behind. Bees are important and anyone who comes across them should phone the beekeepers association as soon as possible.”

Anyone who finds a swarm of bees should call 831650, 444147 or 07958185758.