Six-figure funding boost for schools

EASTBOURNE and Willingdon schools are set to receive more than £750,000 for poorer children, according to Government figures.

Schools in both towns will receive £430 for every pupil on free school meals and will be rewarded with a further £430 for each pupil whose parents earn less than £16,000 a year. The money is not ring-fenced, allowing headteachers to spend the money as they wish.

Stephen Lloyd MP said, “For years Labour told us that children in just one or two London boroughs were worth more than children here in Eastbourne and Willingdon. That was a disgrace and we’re bringing it to an end.

“The premium gives headteachers in our town the freedom to use the money how they want, in the ways they know work – not how politicians in Whitehall tell them to. By assisting some of the most disadvantaged children in the UK, we can help whole classes work together better and move forward faster. This is great news for children, parents and teachers alike.” The pupil premium, one of the Liberal Democrat’s flagship policies, aims to provide £625 million to schools in extra funding in its first year and by the end of the programme will have invested £2.5 billion education for poorer pupils.

Although the Government says the amount spent on education will rise, it has conceded a proportion of the money will come from the existing school’s budget.