School Group calls for support

TEACHERS and parents from the East Sussex Free School Group are renewing their appeal for more members and support.

The group, which hopes to set-up a free independent school to match the standard of education at fee-paying ones, has grown since its launch earlier this year.

A spokesperson from the group said, “This group consists of parents, teachers and other members of the community, all of whom are keen to see a free school in East Sussex.

“The group has finalised the existing ethos and vision statement, providing the basis upon which the school will work. There are plans in place for the curriculum, school day and extra-curricular aspects.”

It is not yet known where the group plans to set-up the school, but a town in East Sussex will be chosen depending on parental demand.

Plans for the school have also moved on over the past few months. The spokesperson said, “The school itself will be a return to a traditional school, free from educational jargon, concentrating on the pupils; their learning, attainment and their success.

“The school will provide excellent teaching in all subjects, especially in the sciences and technology subjects. It is currently proposed that the school will have a longer day with six hours of core teaching in addition to homework time and extra-curricular activities. The school gates will open earlier and close later. It is hoped this will this not only help working parents but imbue the pupils with the ethos of the school.”

The group has planned that the first year group will be pupils currently in year five of primary school, but it is welcoming all those wanting to be involved in the creation of the school.

The group is currently looking for parents, teachers and community members who are interested in what the group is doing. People are welcome to join the steering group or pledge their support. For more information on the proposed school write to East Sussex Free School, c/o Cornfield Law, 47 Cornfield Road, Eastbourne, East Sussex, BN21 4QN, email or call 0800 358 59 60.

More information about the group and the school it plans to set-up can also be found at