One last hurdle faces plan to merge schools

THERE is one final hurdle for East Sussex County Council to clear before an infant and a junior school can be merged to create a new primary school.

East Sussex County Council wants to amalgamate Hampden Park Infants and Highfield Junior schools to create a new, all-through primary school – and now the final decision rests with the Office of the School Adjudicator.

The proposals are backed by both schools and a large majority of people signalled their support for the plans in the consultations the council carried out among parents and the wider community. Because of surplus places at Highfield School, all pupils from both schools would be able to be accommodated on the Highfield site – pictured above right – from day one, with only minor building improvements necessary.

Currently, the intention is for the new school, which will have a different name, to open in September this year.

But before the final preparations can be made the plans have to be given the green light by the schools adjudicator.

Cllr Keith Glazier, the County Council’s Lead Member for Children’s and Adult’s Services, said, “The two schools already work together extremely closely and Hampden Park is already a feeder school for Highfield.

“These proposals are designed to strengthen that partnership to create a single primary school covering all ages.”

He said the new primary school would mean all pupils would benefit from single management, leadership and curriculum will provide better continuity for pupils and will help achieve higher standards.