Cavendish Primary school plan decision is put back


A decision over whether to open a primary school at Cavendish in Old Town was put back before Christmas and will be made later this month.

East Sussex County Council’s planning committee will meet on Wednesday January 14 in Lewes and decide whether to allow two new primary classes to open in September 2016.

The school wants an all-though school on the Eldon Road site with the new primary built on playing fields opposite the cemetery. The school and county council say it will meet a shortfall in primary school places in the area, but residents living nearby have opposed the proposals saying it will lead to more traffic congestion in already troubled roads in the area.

Eastbourne Borough Council’s planning committee also vetoed the new school after being asked for its views in a consultation exercise.

The decision date now falls the day before parents of school entry age have to make their choice as to where they want their children to go.

A statement on the school’s website reads, “The plan to open the new primary school in 2016 is still very much on track but there is a revised date of January 14 when the ultimate decision will be made by the county council. We realise this decision is the day before the deadline date for applications and in order to give prospective parents the option of Cavendish Primary School, the authority has decided it will be included within the Admissions Booklet. However, if there are problems with the new school the admissions team at the council will contact parents to discuss options and next choice.”